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How often should I service my garage door & how?

Garage doors are one of the hardest-working parts of your home. You rely on them day in and day out to open and close on your command. It’s little wonder that these doors need some TLC to continue functioning well all the time.

Highlift garage door with jackshaft operator

To keep your garage door properly maintained, you should have it professionally serviced annually. In addition, be sure to conduct your own monthly checks of the door to ensure it is working correctly.

Why should I service a garage door?

Servicing your garage door helps to extend its life. When you get annual service for your garage door, it’s a lot like going to a physical. There, a physician checks you for signs of potential problems and treats any issues they find. It’s the same for a garage door.

Service ensures a small problem doesn’t turn into a big one. For instance, at your service appointment, a technician may identify a cable that’s about to break and replace it. You won’t be caught off guard by a broken garage door cable and have to wait around until someone can come to repair your door. Plus, you can spare yourself the anger from not being able to get the car out of the garage when it finally does break or the embarrassment of having a door off track.

garage door off track

How professionals service garage doors

A garage door is the largest moving object in your home. It is extremely dangerous to perform some service and repairs, which is why it is best left to a professional technician. Professionals have a checklist of issues to look for when they inspect a garage door. They may start by oiling the springs and hinges and examining the overall health of the system. Then they will perform individual checks, such as:

  • Springs: Examine torsion springs to ensure they have the right level of tension.

  • Cable: Check the cable for signs of fraying and replace anything that looks worn.

  • Roller: Look for signs of bending or breakage.

  • Door sections and panels: Search for signs of disrepair, which can impact the garage door opener as well.

  • Garage door opener: Use for opening and closing several times to ensure the door is balanced.

How to maintain a garage door by yourself

In addition to having your garage door professionally inspected annually, you can also look after your system yourself by following these simple maintenance tips:

  • Check your garage door alignment: Unhook the opener, then raise and lower the door by hand. If it’s really tough to do, you may have door alignment issues.

  • Test the function of the “eye:” The garage door eye tells your opener when it’s OK to open or close the door. Press the garage door opener button to close the door, and place a broom in front of one of the eyes. If the door stops, the eye is fine, but if it doesn’t, you should get assistance immediately as it’s a safety issue.

  • Spray the springs and hinges with silicon spray every 6 months or so.  Your hinges should move freely and if they are not, spray them with silicon and tap them with a hammer. This should free them up.  Spray the springs when the door is closed. This will reduce the friction between the coils and make the springs last longer.

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